Kim Kardashian Twitter, Baby Name, Baby: Trespasser Scares Kardashians, Kim Breaks Twitter Silence

The reality star called the police after an errant paparazzo tried to sneak onto her mom Kris Jenner 's private property on Monday, July 29 -- and she has the footage to prove it. "#Tresspassing #GatedCommunityBreakin #Dangerous," Kardashian tweeted after the incident, alongside a link to a short video clip. "#CopsCalled #WOW." PHOTOS: Kim's most revealing moments In the 30-second Keek video, the 32-year-old first-time mom can be heard narrating the scene as she and Jenner try to track down the trespasser. "Okay, there is a paparazzi in that snuck into our gated community" Kardashian can be heard saying over shaky footage presumably shot on her phone, before she hands the device over to someone named Julian, saying, "Take my this one phone, because I don't want to go outside." Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner teamed up to try to track down a trespassing photographer on Monday, July 29. Credit: Lester Cohen/Getty Images Julian is only able to ask bewilderedly, "And video him?" before he sprints after Jenner, 57, who goes sprinting out the door barefoot in hot pursuit of the photographer. In the clip, the Kardashian matriarch can be seen tromping through the bushes in search of the violator, but to no avail.

Adrienne Bailon Created ‘Fake Boyfriend’ To Get Ex Rob Kardashian To Go Away

This is the first tweet from the reality star since she gave birth on June 15. "OK, there is a paparazzi that's snuck into our gated community," Kardashian is heard saying in the Keek. "Wait Julian take my phone, as I don't want to go outside." Kardashian passes her phone to her assistant, who rushed to the backyard to capture footage of Kris Jenner chasing after the trespasser. Kardashian tweeted, "#Trespassing #GatedCommunityBreakIn #Dangerous #CopsCalled #WOW," Kardashian captioned the video. Kardashian has been hiding since giving birth to her daughter, North West.

Lamar Odom, Khloe Kardashian, Jennifer Richardson: Lie Detector Test To Expose Truth Behind Threesome [VIDEO]

I was my own fake boyfriend, she said. By Zayda Rivera / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Wednesday, July 31, 2013, 12:14 PM Adrienne Bailon admitted to faking it. The 29-year-old TV star finally revealed the story about how she ended things with Rob Kardashian by making up a fake boyfriend. Bailon even went as far as to send an email supposedly written by the "boyfriend" to the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star in order to keep him from contacting her. "I was my own fake boyfriend," she said on her new daytime talk show, " The Real ." RELATED: ADRIENNE BAILON REMOVES ROB KARDASHIAN TATTOO FROM BACKSIDE Kardashian, 26, read the email out loud on his family's hit reality TV show and discovered a warning from Bailon's "new man" to stop calling her. "What all y'all thought was that it was written by my boyfriend," Bailon said of the letter.

TheFIX exclusively revealed Khloe is formally organising Lamar, 33, to be tested and if he's cheated then she'll be filing for divorce. A source close to Khloe reveals, "Whilst Khloe had originally dismissed the cheating allegations against Lamar, believing that they were false and trusting his word, an element of doubt has been ignited over the past couple of weeks and she's started to become extremely paranoid. "Various friends and family members have been telling her to open her eyes and whilst it's good to be so trusting, they don't want her to come out looking like a fool. "Kourtney in particular has urged her to find out the truth and whilst Khloe's been avoiding it due to sheer fear of what she could find out, she's now taken the step of ordering Lamar to have a lie detector test." And Khloe is using the same polygraph specialist, a man called Joseph, for her test for Lamar.

Adrienne Bailon admits she made up fake boyfriend to end things with Rob Kardashian: ‘I think it worked!’

It's the first time we've heard from the reality star since she gave birth on June 15. OK, there is a paparazzi thats snuck into our gated community, Kardashian is heard saying. "Wait Julian take my phone as I don't want to go outside." Trying to keep herself hidden from the shutterbug, the phone is then passed to her assistant who rushes to the backyard to catch footage of Kims mom Kris Jenner trying to chase after the alleged trespasser. #Trespassing #GatedCommunityBreakIn #Dangerous #CopsCalled #WOW," Kardashian captioned the video. The new mom has been in hiding since giving birth to baby North West, her daughter with her boyfriend Kanye West. It appears competition is fierce amongst the paps for the first shot.

Kim Kardashian breaks silence after giving birth, posts Keek video of ‘trespasser’

In the scene, Kardashian is visibly upset while reading the note, in which her new man begged her ex to stop calling Bailon, and looks to be wiping away tears. However, Kardashian may be feeling a whole new set of emotions now that he knows in reality it was Bailon who wrote the letter. "I was my own fake boyfriend,"the host admitted on her show. "What all ya'll thought was that it was written by my boyfriend. It was not written by a boyfriend. "That was written by me and my girl sitting on the sofa one day deciding to ourselves, 'Well, how can we make him stop calling me?' While Bailon admitted that the plan worked, saying "I got left alone, she felt bad about how rumors surrounding the break up escalated in the media.

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